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remote access

If you work on the move or would like the convenience of being able to work out of the office, but find your technology too much of a hindrance, then we can help. Whether it is e-mails, documents, contacts, software or telecoms you need, we can ensure you're not left frustrated. You may want to receive your e-mails on your smartphone and your computer, but you don't want to have to delete the same e-mail twice and you want to be able to see the e-mails you sent from one device on the other. If you are on your way to a meeting and your colleagues back at the office are finalising a report, you want that updated report to be with you when you arrive. There are times where you need to work and also be at home - you might be waiting on a plumber or it might be half term and it's your turn to look after the kids - either way you want to be able to work as though you were in the office: read your emails, access the company files and contact lists, even pick up your same phone extension. Here at Mamu we understand the benefits remote access can bring to small businesses, boosting morale and increasing productivity.

Give us a call or send an e-mail, and we'll provide you with the remote access you need.

Unsure of some of the terms we've used? We've handpicked a few definitions for you below, or you can visit our glossary for a comprehensive list. Click on 'read more' to see the full definition.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP): File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a method of transferring files between computers over a network (LAN or Internet). It is commonly used to upload, change and delete files on a web host in order to edit a web site. FTP requires two software c... read more
Remote Access:
Remote Desktop: Remote desktop technology allows users to access their computer's desktop from another machine anywhere in the world. All functions are available, just as if the user were sitting at their own machine. This is most useful for businesses off... read more
Syncing: Syncing a device means to synchronise it with another device or computer, and is most common with MP3 players, iPods, smartphones and mobile devices. This usually copies, updates and merges data on both the device being synced and the compu... read more
VPN: A VPN is a Virtual Private Network and is used to connect computers to a private network through a non-private network, usually the internet. This removes the cost of having to have a private line between the two locations, but introduces a... read more
WAN: A Wide Area Network (WAN) is network that spans across metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries and is often used by large businesses and government organisations. By definition the internet is a WAN, although a publicly accessible WA... read more